I know at certain times of the month I am going to weigh more than others! Water retention, bloated tummy etc ( Hormones have a lot to answer to!!)

And Ok, sometimes I eat more naughty treats than I should but I honestly don’t think us women should get upset or stressed about weight gain.

I like to play a little game with myself called…

‘How tight do my jeans feel!!?’

Depending on my honest answer- there is a solution.

  1. When I sit down in my jeans, can I still breathe? Yes?…Good! No?… No more chocolates or crisps.

  2. When I put my jeans on, do they glide up my legs quickly or am I dragging them inch by inch up my thighs? Quick Glide?…Great! Slow Drag?… step away from the biscuits!!

  3. Do my jeans zip easily or am I lying down, breathing in and using a coat hanger( ha ha remember drainpipes ladies?) Zip easy?..Looking fine! Lying down?…ok there go the takeaways/chips/fry ups!

  4. Am I wearing the jeans or are they abandoned in a heap while I put on my stretchy leggings? Jeans on?… Feeling fab. Leggings on??… feeling the burn by doing more squats & lunges.

I’m currently losing the ‘how tight do my jeans feel’ game. (Chocolate..why do you taste so good?)

So here’s to hitting re-set button with regards to eating healthier and working hard in classes (yip, really getting a sweat on!)

Thanks for reading my blog

Julie ‘hooray for stretchy denims’ Smith