I’ve noticed something!

When look around at the end of my class and we are breathing in our pink- everyone seems calmer and happier than when we started.

Now I’d love to tell you that it’s all down to my charm or my hilarious jokes or my amazing routines…

but it’s not something I do that makes you feel so good.

It’s all you!

You feel fabulous when you listen to your body, move and stretch to the best of your ability.

Coming to a class gets you away from everything and allows you to switch off from day to day stress, worries or demands.

You feel part of something bigger – a group, a tribe, a club but you are encouraged to do your own thing within this collective.

It’s a chance for you to breathe… I mean really breathe! Deep breaths that fill up your lungs and help you to recharge, revive and heal.

I always finish my classes with some quiet time. No phones, no emails, no work, no children…no demands. Bliss!!