Prices/booking– My outdoor classes are £5 per class and my indoor classes are £7 per class only payable in monthly blocks please.

Due to current restrictions on class numbers/spacing my classes must be booked in advance. If you would like to book please email me Thank you

Safety– Please wear your face covering when you enter/exit the class and keep at least 1 metre between yourself and your fellow class participants. Cones/markers on the floor will highlight your 2 metre square/space and windows/doors will remain open for the duration of the class.

Comfort– Consider wearing layers of clothing to keep warm. Please remember to bring your own mat and any other props you like to use e.g.head support for Pilates, weights or stretchy bands.

What to expect-

Fit-mix is a fabulous mixture of songs and exercises to keep you fit and strong.

Includes some aerobic exercises, squats, lunges, and press ups.

There are different exercise options to allow everyone to work at their own level then we finish with stretches. A feel good fitness class!

Gentle Pilates will help improve your posture, balance and strength by targeting your deep corset muscles, stretching tight muscles and mobilising your joints. The class starts with standing exercises and finishes with pilates mat work and stretches/relaxation. Perfect for relieving stress/tension in your body and mind.