You will probably know how much I love a wee quote!

And I can proudly say that I was sharing quotes before they became the most annoying thing about Facebook/Instagram/Twitter…

I’ll be honest-some of the fitness quotes I see on social media aren’t great.

‘Never miss a Monday!’ 
Reality- if that’s the only day you can get a gas engineer/joiner/dentist or hair appointment you aren’t going to love that quote or feel good about your missed Monday.

‘Unless you puke, faint or die…keep going!
Reality- if you actually feel like you are going to do any of these things in my class- there’s something seriously wrong!

‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’
Reality- who wants to be skinny? It’s much healthier for your bones, your muscles & your mind to be fit and strong.
(And whoever wrote this has never tasted chocolate/crisps/wine/pizza/insert your favourite treat here!!)

The best quotes are the ones that give you a good feeling when you read them or make you feel motivated.
Here’s one of my favourites…

‘There is no force equal to that of a determined woman’

Reserve your place in my upcoming workshops. Payment not required until 7 days before each workshop.
Workshops are £8 (special discount for email readers/regular clients, see my email!)

Sunday 4th November, 
Unit 4, Castlegreen street, Dumbarton.
1pm-2pm ‘Pilates for the unsure
Gentle Pilates for beginners or post natal clients or anyone who would benefit from this slow paced class.
Includes basic pilates, cosy blankets, soothing music, stretching & relaxation.
Places are limited to 8 per session.

2pm-3pm ‘Bums,tums,thighs & barre
A fun session using the ballet barre and matwork to shape, tone & tighten your tummy, thighs and bum.
Places are limited to 8 per session

Sunday 9th December
Unit 4, Castlegreen street, Dumbarton
1pm-2pm ‘Deck the balls
Gym ball pilates to Christmas music..what’s not to love?
Only 5 places available due to limited space.
2pm-3pm ‘I‘m dreaming of a Posture Pefect Christmas
Due to the success of the October workshop, and the positive feedback I received, here is another chance to enjoy stretching shortened/tight muscles and strengthening the opposing muscles to improve your posture.
Places are limited to 8 per session.

Give yourself the gift of pinkness for when cabin fever sets in and you are fed up eating!
Escape and enjoy an hour (or two) of ‘me’ time before the New year.
Sunday 30th December
Unit 4, Castlegreen street, Dumbarton
1pm-2pm Post Christmas Power & Pilates
Get your body moving to great music and work off that turkey!
2pm-3pm Post Christmas Gentle Pilates
Strengthen, stretch, relax & breathe pink.

Thank you for reading my blog and coming to my classes & workshops.
Julie ‘Quote Queen’ Smith x