Been prancing around and breathing pink since 2002. Still living the dream.

Here are 10 tips & truths I’ve learned (the hard way!)

1) Diets don’t work – not in the long term.

2) I’m a weirdo! because most people don’t like exercise and I love it!

3) Strength & high intensity exercises are the most effective way to sculpt your body

4) One exercise class a week isn’t going to get you the body of your dreams (sorry!)

5) Invest in a good sports bra!

6) Fitness fads will come and go but good old fashioned squats, lunges & press-ups are always your best bet.

7) If everyone that promised to come to a class actually came-I’d have made millions & retired by now!

8) Everything in moderation!

9) You can’t beat that ‘good sore’ feeling the day or two after a workout.

10) Good things come to those who sweat!